Another Step Closer to Publication! – Reader Reviews

Hi everyone!

Last week I sent my book to a couple of avid readers to get their honest feedback. They responded with glowing reviews! They loved the characters, story line and message. They said it was a page turner that kept them engaged. They wanted more and even gave me ideas for the sequel. I did leave it open for that. Now I guess I have to make it happen. lol But first thing first. I have to get the first book published. 🙂

They did find some typos and a particular scene that I needed to clarify, but those are easy fixes. I’m so thankful they enjoyed it and got the message I intended. That means my writing wasn’t in vain. My book is entertaining and inspiring. It’s one thing for me to think that, but for readers to agree is an amazing feeling!

My editor is still doing her review and I’m waiting with bated breath. I’m excited and a little nervous to hear her thoughts. I know she will give me great feedback that will help me tighten things up for even more impact.

My dream is closer to becoming a reality. II will keep you posted on each step of my journey. Hopefully, I will have my book in my hand soon!

I am so abundantly blessed right now! My book is a work in progress. I let go of fear and shared my presentation “Being a Holy Ghost Diva” at a women’s fellowship last month. It was such an amazing experience. I look forward to more opportunities like that. I started a new job and it’s going well. I’m stretching myself, growing, learning and becoming more of what I’m destined to be.

It makes me think about the song “God’s Got a Blessing (With Your Name on It) by Norman Hutchins. That is so true! Whatever blessing God has for you is for you. Your name and only your name is on it. I’m claiming mine! What about you?



2 thoughts on “Another Step Closer to Publication! – Reader Reviews

  1. Kay Washington says:

    Awesome sauce !!!! This is wonderful news Sherry. You are an amazing lady…God will continue to enhance your mind and thoughts for you to complete your book.He did not bring you this far to leave you. I pray you are continually blessed with abundance and receive all God has for you…pre-Congrats to you lady…there’s power in the name of Jesus ! Call on his mighty name…keep up the good work Sherry…my heart is smiling for YOU 💘❤💚💜💙💛😃💎🙌


  2. Thanks so much Kay! Your words are so encouraging and uplifting. Yes there is so much power in the name of Jesus! It is only because of him that I’ve come this far. I know He will help me complete this task and gift me for even more.
    Stay sweet and blessed! I love you much!


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