Keeping Christ in Christmas

Hi everyone,

There are only 2 more days until Christmas! People are running around doing last minute shopping for their loved ones, making travel plans and deciding on their menu items. But have we forgotten the reason for the season? Do we really understand why we celebrate Christmas? It isn’t just a time to get the latest electronic gadget, visit grandma and eat fruit cake. It’s the time designated to celebrate our Savior’s birth.

A couple of weeks ago my son Devin had a doctor’s appointment. When the doctor asked him about Christmas he said “Christmas isn’t just about gifts. It’s about Jesus’ birth. He was born, died and arose to save us.” I was extremely proud of his response and the fact that he understood the things he has been taught at home and church about the Lord. I’m thankful he was bold and willing to share what he knew. It’s such a beautiful blessing!

My seven year old knows we must keep Christ in Christmas, but do we? Are we too caught up in the commercialization of the holiday? Are we more focused on the gifts we are going to exchange than the ultimate gift that God gave us in Jesus? I would like to share three things I think we can do to keep Christ in Christmas.

  1. Maximize Jesus and minimize Santa Clause – I know I may upset some people with this one. I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell your children about Santa Clause and have them leave cookies and milk for him. I loved Santa and left a snack for him when I was a child, but with Devin I wanted to handle things a little differently. We have never labeled Devin’s Christmas gifts “From Santa”. He has always known that his gifts came from Daddy and Mommy. He’s never taken pictures with Santa and I don’t think his childhood has lacked anything because of that. He knows all about Santa and has seen him in the mall, movies and commercials, but our focus wasn’t on that. We wanted to make sure he knew the reason for the season and the story of Jesus’ birth. He loves Christmas and says it’s the best time of the year. Of course it is! What child doesn’t want gifts and a break from school?  lol But, he understands that it’s also a special time because of Jesus. For that, I’m truly grateful.
  2. Don’t get in debt for Christmas – Christmas is not the time to max out your credit cards to buy gifts for people that they won’t use. Some of us get into so much debt for Christmas that it takes us well into the New Year to get our finances back on track. It’s wonderful to give gifts and show others that you care, but please do it within your budget. Start early so you can take advantage of lay-a-way. Set a budget for each person and stick with it. Homemade items can be a personal touch that means so much more than something from the store. Every year I say I’m going to start shopping early and it never happens. I pledge to try again next year. 🙂 I use to get in debt and then have to wade my way out in the New Year,  but not anymore. This year I know I can only do what my money will allow. I love all of my friends and family and wish I could get everyone something grand, but we have to live after Christmas and that’s way more important.
  3. Share Jesus with others – We should always share the message of Jesus whenever we have an opportunity, but particularly during Christmas. It’s one of two times in the year when the majority of the country is focused on a Christian holiday. What better time to share our faith?! You don’t have to stand on a corner holding a sign that says “Jesus is the reason”. When you greet someone and they say “Merry Christmas”. You can say something like “Same to you. Christ’s birth is definitely something to be merry about.” Make them think about the real reason for the season.

I think if we keep these three points in mind we can make Christmas what it was meant to be, a celebration of the ultimate gift! John 3:16  states “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but will have everlasting life.” We quote that scripture all the time, but do we really understand how awesome it is. Without Jesus, we would be lost in sin. Without Jesus, death would be the end. Without Jesus, we would be nothing. Remember Jesus while you are opening gifts, eating good food and spending time with family and friends. He is the reason for it all!

What are your thoughts about my recommendations? Please share.

Sherry Speaks wishes you all a very blessed and safe Christmas!


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