It’s Been Awhile – I’m Back!

Hi everyone,

It has been awhile since I posted my first blog post. I apologize for being away so long. I promise to be more consistent going forward. I will do my best to post twice a week and keep you abreast on my thoughts and invite you to share yours with me. Remember Sherry doesn’t just talk, I listen. 😉

My first post stated I would talk about three very important topics on this blog; faith, love and life. I shared my thoughts on faith, which is an integral part of who I am. I am first and foremost a woman of God and it is through that role that I function as a wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. Love and life for me are an extension of faith.

Because I love God, I love others. I am not naive enough to think that everyone loves me back, but I have learned that doesn’t matter. What matters is the love I share, not the love I receive.

It doesn’t matter if someone lies on me, I will not be a liar. It doesn’t matter if someone hurts me, I will not hurt others intentionally. It doesn’t matter is someone talks about me and judges me, I will not do that to others. It doesn’t matter that I’m ridiculed for my beliefs, I will still believe. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks about me, I will think great things about myself. That last one was a hard one to learn. I use to be the ultimate people pleaser. If I thought someone didn’t like me, I would do whatever it took to change their mind. Now I know what I think about myself is more important.

Life is what you make it. God has a plan and purpose for all of us. We just have to walk in it. I’ve made steps to do that, but I’m not there yet. There are things that I know I need to do, that I haven’t done. I have let self-doubt and fear stand in my way. I was told that I’m my own worst enemy. That is so true! I know the Lord has already gifted me with everything I need. I just need to use those gifts for His glory. I know the great things about myself, but I’m not as confident in them as I should be.

My son loves to go to Hi-Wire, a wall to wall trampoline park. There is a wall you can jump off of and into a pit filled with foam pieces. The first time he decided to jump off the wall he was nervous and unsure. He stood on the edge and looked into the pit for quite awhile. Then suddenly he threw caution to the wind and jumped. He came up smiling and laughing because he survived the jump and was safe. Now he runs to the wall and jumps over and over again.

It’s time for me to get off the edge of the wall, looking nervously into the pit. I need to jump! The wall is my fears and insecurities and the pit is my destiny. Safety is already there in the arms of the Master. Once I make that first jump, I will run to new challenges and conquer them over and over again.

Are you also standing at the edge of the wall, looking nervously into the pit? Are there things you know the Lord has purposed you to do, but you are letting things stop you from fulfilling that purpose? Are you worried about what others will think of you? Do you know the great things about yourself? Share your thoughts with me and lets jump into the pit together. I’m ready. Are you?



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